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Are you looking for a solid, supportive, and tasteful rhythm track for your studio recording?

Tara can lay down just the right feel for your song or composition. Tara specializes in creating textural backgrounds and driving rhythms using an assortment of hand drums, percussive instruments, and noise making materials. She will stop at nothing to get just the right sound and she doesn’t over play or, drown-out. For an efficient and appropriate percussive track please contact

Tara’s percussion work has appeared on the following studio recordings:

Strangers in Meshech, by "Green Pastures", with Steve Gretz, Leslie Lee, and Pete Schoonmaker. Songs courtesy of “Green Pastures”.
Everybody Wants to Go To Heaven
People Get Ready
I Am The Light of This World

Taking the Fall by Jon Waterman, released 2003.
Songs courtesy of Jon Waterman. Tracks include:
Ghost of Picasso
Good Old Days

Aluminum Green by Oen Kennedy, released 2001.
Songs courtesy of Oen Kennedy. Tracks include:
Shiny Eye
Private Property

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