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Most of the methods, styles, and programs which Tara has received training in are child centered and child based.

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Tara provides hands-on, interactive drum circles for children on the autism spectrum.  Her drum and song circles can be modified for school programs, centers, or summer camps.  Children get to drum on various hand drums and percussion instruments, make up their own songs, take turns inventing beats, and learn to notice Tara’s verbal and non-verbal cues as well as invent their own for the group to be guided by.  

Group drumming allows children to: engage socially • express themselves creatively in a positive, and supportive environment • get needed physical input from the motion and impact of hitting drums • learn to observe the behaviors of others • respond appropriately • and focus their energy into the drum for a musically enriching experience!

Tara also has experience in implementing a child's ABA program in their home or school setting as a private sector paraprofessional, and is able to supplement the child’s program with dramatic role-play and percussion lessons that focus on social awareness and appropriate response.  *Please note that this position is dependent upon Tara’s current work schedule, and must be part time only.

In the recent past Tara had the pleasure of drumming with the kids at ‘Camp Connect’ in Manchester, NH.  
At Camp Connect Tara facilitated expressive hand drumming sessions with small groups of 6 to 7 campers each. Each camper led a rhythm that the others copied, learned call and response songs, and made up their own beats!  Camp Connect is a day camp for kids on the Autism spectrum who are high functioning. The camp’s focus is to provide fun and engaging summer camp activities while helping the campers build self-regulating skills and navigate social interactions appropriately by guiding the campers through their natural social experiences and using hands-on role-plays and drama activities.

To learn more about Tara’s past related experience click on her resume.

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