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To learn more about belly casting here are some great web sites:

An artful way to preserve the creative fruitfulness of pregnancy

All materials are supplied and prepared before hand. There are many options of poses to capture. Such as full frontal, full frontal with mammas and/or partners hands on belly, profile with or without hands, belly only with or without hands.

The process takes about 2 1/2 hours. It is done in the Mammas’ home, or place that she feels most comfortable. It requires Mammas to be partially nude depending on their pose choice. Petroleum jelly is used on skin being cast, and extra layers may be added to hair line areas. Petroleum jelly, comes off easily with a soapy bath. If you have children under seven years of age, it is suggested that the belly casting session be done without them present because little ones can become confused and upset by mommy not being able to get up and move around normally, although it is not required. Some young children love watching their Mommy become artwork, and if Mommy doesn’t mind, they can join in!

Currently, Tara only asks to be reimbursed for supplies which are: 7 to 9 plaster gauze rolls, petroleum jelly, latex gloves, sanding screen, and fasteners, and wall mount fixtures for placement on the inside of cast .

The total cost of supplies is between $40 and $50. Receipt of purchase is presented at casting session. Some Mammas like to paint or decorate their cast on their own or with their families, others can have it custom painted/decorated at additional cost.

To book a belly cast, or get more information, please contact Tara at

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