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Animal Body Image

Thank You's

First and foremost to my ‘Kickstarter’  funders, this is all you, thank you for making this possible!

To long time friend, wise man, and recording partner Jay Williston, to ‘The Tara Greenblatt Band’, the masterful, generous, deeply soulful, and gifted musicians Lucio, Ramsay, Shana, and Grace. To Wren aka Andrew for encouraging and loving me, unconditionally, every little bit of it moves me forward and affirms my music making.  To our two boys who are now their very own works of art.  Polly, Bllu, and Stephanie, my long time soul sisters in spirit, art, and authenticity, to Tudie and Rachael-proactive Mammas,  to my big sister Wendy for whole heartedly, without question, lending her incredible voice, and deeply intuitive, nature inspired artistic gifts to her little sister-I aspire to be like you, to my Mamma for passing down an unshakeable current of creativity that refuses to be second fiddle whether I can pay my bills or not, and for her deep connection and devotion to the earth, to Alan for compassion, patience, and guidance,  to Dad for bad-ass drumsticks, practical wisdom, and belief in my musical ability, to Lynne for singing and playing guitar when I was a girl imprinting upon me that heart and feeling are elemental, to Ramsay and Heather for lending their incredible barn for our rehearsals, performances, and recordings, to Janette for taking her Grandsons and loving them-it allowed me to get this project done.  To Oen Kennedy,  Fred Simmons & Leslie Vogel for teaching by example how to listen, how to play with other musicians, and how to live as an artist. Also a special shout-out to Patricia Jack - thank you so much.

A Special Thank you note: The following Kickstarter backers gave very generous donations and although there wasn't room on the CD for actual liner notes I have included you here as promised by the reward chosen:

Kate Baker, Josh Fink, Bob Greenblatt, Lynne Greenblatt, Jan Miele, Mike Preston, Scott & Siobhan, Janet Tashjian, Stephen Thomas, and Colleen Young.

Thank you so much for the funds you provided to help the project get completed. I am so very proud of the product and so grateful for your support. -Tara Greenblatt

Song List

1) Can You Hear It (3:55) 6) Animal Body (7:30)
2) Up and Fly Away (4:29) 7) Nature Reflects Nature (4:06)
3) Wah Wah Wah (4:51) 8) Chaos Theory (4:54)
4) Mine (6:05) 9) Flocks & Shoals (5:21)
5) Sweet Little Fishy (3:27) 10) Lift My Skirt (3:05)



The Tara Greenblatt Band

Friday, May 2nd 2014
7 pm

Parish Hall Open Stage Feature at the UU church in Peterborough, NH.

Donations welcome. Family friendly.


CD Release Party!
Sunday March 9th 2014
7:00 PM

Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge MA
Ticketing Phone: (617-492-7679)

Openers: Andrew Hannah, Shay Vaccaro



Animal Body is available for instant download at CD Baby!

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